A vendor rental contract form is a legal document made between two or more parties known as the VENDOR and the VENDEE. The document is a formal written agreement and specifies the terms and conditions which have to be followed by both parties in order to avoid any legal conflict.

Sample vendor rental contract form

This rental contract form is made effective on the date: 29’Th Jan, 2011 at the VENDOR’S office.

The parties involved in this agreement are called VENDOR and VENDEE.

The following are the details of the VENDOR

Name: Mr. David Jamie hereby referred to as the VENDOR agrees to rent his office space to the VENDEE.

Residential Address: F-3, martin Street, 3’rd block, CA

Phone: 483094809378

The following are the details of the VENDEE

Name: Mr. Peter Mathew hereby referred to as the VENDEE agrees to pay rent to VENDOR on monthly basis for using the office space

Residential Address: 12-P, Parkway road, LA

Phone: 487390483056

Address of office space: 34-K, ridge road, Second block, LA

Length of the contract: 12 months

The following are the terms and conditions which have been agreed by both the parties:

  • The VENDOR agrees to present the office space in a neat, clean and maintained manner to the VENDEE.
  • THE VENDEE shall pay a total of $500 to the VENDOR on the 1’St of each month and shall pay for late charges an amount of $100.
  • The VENDOR shall provide electricity, water supply and electric connection to the VENDEE.
  • The VENDEE shall keep the premises in a proper condition.

David Jamie                       Peter Mathew

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