A vendor contract template, as the name depicts, is executed between the two business parties in order to initiate the new business relations in which the selling of services & products takes place by the vendor corporation.

Vendor Contract Template

Vendor Contract Template

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Sample Vendor Contract Template:

Contract number: ___________

Date: ___/____/___ [mention the registration number & date]

This vendor contract is created between _______________, Address: _____________ official number: ____________ hereinafter called as the client company [details of the client organization],


__________________, located at: _______________, ZIP: ____________, working number; ________________, hereinafter called as the vendor firm [contact details of the client corporation]

Whereas the client company has hired the vendor firm for selling the following mentioned products:


____________ [details of the products along with specifications]

This contract is effective from ____/____/____ and is terminating on ____/____/___ [provide the required details]

Underneath mentioned are the covenants and conditions for this contract:

Payment terms:

The client company is ready to pay $__________ [payment in the local currency] as a monthly amount, whereas $__________ [total amount] has already been paid to the vendor firm for commencing the business relationship.

Obligations & duties:

The vendor will sell the committed monthly quantity and the client company will pay the amount on time.

Termination: The termination clause can be true in case of any legitimate issue. The faulty party will pay______ [mention the percentage] of the total amount to the alleging party.

Hence, both the parties are requested to sign the contract:

Signature of the client company: _______________

Signature of the vendor firm: __________________ [approved by both the parties]

Singed by the third party: _____________________ [sign of the eye witness]

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