A vendor contract letter is a letter which is written from one party of a vendor contract to another so as to discuss the various details or terms or conditions of a formal or legal contract. These letters are used to specify clearly the details of the parties, one of which is the vendor and the other is the buyer. Given below is one such sample.

Sample Vendor Contract Letter:


Mr. John Sampling

Henry Drug Stores

48, Patron Street,

Kansas, USA.


15th May 2012

Subject: Details of the vendor contract and some terms.

Dear Mr. Sampling

This is to inform you that Manikin Pharmaceuticals Ltd. (i.e. vendor) have received the details of the order placed with and we agree to the below mentioned terms.

Date of delivery of 1st batch: 30th May 2012

Date of delivery of final batch: 30 June 2012

Terms and conditions:

  • The delivery will be made in two batches; dates of both are as mentioned above.
  • The payment will be made in three parts: 25 % of the total amount will be made on signing of the contract. Another 35% will be paid on the delivery of the first batch and the rest (i.e. 40%) will be paid on delivery of the 2nd and final batch.
  • The vendors are responsible for all the delivery arrangements.
  • The buyer is required to check the order on arrival, no call backs will be allowed once delivery receipt is signed.

Kindly reply to this letter at the earliest

Thanking you

Mr. Harold Ruth

Manikin Pharmaceuticals Ltd.

24, Banker Street,

Pittsburgh, USA.


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