A vendor contract format is the structure or an outline of a contract which is signed between a vendor and a 2nd party i.e. the buyer. The contract records all the details of the parties involved, the details of the order placed etc. The format gives a proper outline which can be used to frame the final contract. A sample of the same has been given below.

Sample Vendor Contract Format

Date of signing the contract:

[This section is used to mention the date on which the parties are signing the contract.]

This contract is being prepared to be signed between:

[This section is used to mention the names/ titles of the parties i.e. the vendor and the individual/ buyer rendering the vendor’s services.]

[This section is used to mention the purpose for which the contract is being signed; the statement should give the services required, the deadlines or the dates of delivery or similar relevant details.]

Details of the Vendor:

[This section is used to write the details of the vendor i.e. the official name, name of the authorized individual, the contact information etc.]

Details of the Buyer/ 2nd Party:

[This section is used to give the details of the 2nd party who may be a retail buyer etc. mention the official name (if any), the name of authorized person, the contact info etc.]

Details of the Order:

[This section is used to give a full detailed description of the order placed with the vendor.]

Terms and Conditions:

[This space is used to give the terms and the conditions of the contract.]


[This is part is used to record the signatures of the involved parties.]

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