Whenever two companies or parties enter into a business agreement or transaction, a vendor contract form is made and signed between them. This is an official document which contains the terms and conditions based on which the parties get into the transaction.

Sample vendor contract form:

This contract form is made effective on the date: 29’Th Jan, 2011

The parties involved in this agreement are called VENDOR and VENDEE.

The following are the details of the VENDOR

Name: Mr. Jim Davis who is hereby known as the VENDOR owns a food supply chain by the name of Davis Co.

Address: 34-k, Latin Street, 3’rd block, LA

Phone: 483094809305

The following are the details of the VENDEE

Name: Mr. Kell Nathan who is hereby known as the VENDEE owns a departmental store by the name of Nathan’s.

Address: 12-l, Opal block, LA

Phone: 487390483098

This contract shall comprise of delivering readymade food items as following:

  • Chips, chocolates, mint
  • Fruit cakes, nut cakes

The delivery has to be made on the 1’st of each month during the length of the contract

Length of the contract: 12 months

The following are the terms and conditions which have been agreed by both the parties:

  • The VENDOR agrees to deliver the food items on time.
  • THE VENDEE shall pay a total of $500 to the VENDOR every month after receiving delivery.
  • The VENDOR agrees to pay a compensation charge of$100 on late delivery by 2 days or in case of any other delay or fault.
  • The VENDEE must make the payment on time to avoid any legal implications.

Jim Davis                       Kell Nathan

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