A vendor contract agreement is a document which is made between a vendor and a vendee when the vendee wishes and agrees to buy a good or a commodity from the vendor for a certain amount of money and on contract basis. Such agreements consist of legally binding terms and conditions.

Sample Vendor Contract Agreement:

Vendor Contract Agreement

Download Vendor Contract Agreement

This contract is signed between

Tim Co. hereafter referred to as the vendor with office address of

1-st parks villa building,

Toronto, Canada


Marks group hereafter referred to as the Vendee, with office address of

23-H, Fred tower,

Churchill, United Kingdom

The Vendor owns a software company and agrees to sell a few software solutions to the vendee on contract basis.

Cost per software: $14000

This agreement is entered into as on 23rd May 2011 and shall remain into effect for 12 months.

Termination date: 23rd May 2012

Both the parties enter into an agreement under the following conditions:-

  • The VENDOR agrees to introduce and develop all the software products needed by the VENDEE.
  • The VENDEE must pay the due amount within 10 days of procurement of the software.
  • All the expenses and costs of delivery shall be borne by the Vendee.
  • Tim Co. is in no way liable to pay for any damages which are out of its control.
  • Willful occurrence of loss by Tim Co. will have to borne by the Vendor.
  • All the notices and information shall be accepted only in written form.

Here after, the contract comes into existence.

Tim Lawson

Mark Reynolds

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