A vendor booth contract is a legal written document where in two parties, former called the Vendor and the latter called the Vendee enter into a contract to sell and buy a product/s through a booth.

Sample Vendor Booth Contract

Contract number: – VBC/4F

This contract is meant for setting up a Vendor Booth by Kites Vendor Services selling things for Children day outside ST. Thomas School, West End Road, London, UK

Vendor is allowed to set up a booth under following terms and conditions:-

  • All items to be sold must be approved by the vending committee latest before a week of children’s Day
  • Standard size of vending booth will be10x10. Additional space will be available for a charge of $5.0 per square feet
  • Vendors must setup there booth between 8-9.30 a.m. and vehicle must be out of the loading zone latest by 9.00 am.
  • Vendors will be responsible for their belongings and any left outs in the booth shall not be any body’s responsibility.
  • Booth should be ready and open by 10.00 am and any further delays shall lead to removing of booth and no fees will be refunded.
  • Booth cant closed down until and unless the function in over and all the garbage should be cleared out of the premise
  • All payments shall be made through draft and no out of State Bank draft will be allowed.

After accepting all the terms and conditions the contract comes into existence

Signature of vendor

Kites Vendor Services

Signature of School

Vending Committee Chairman

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