A vendor agreement contract simply refers to a vendor agreement or contract i.e. the contract which is signed when a buyer makes a deal with a vendor to supply him/ her some material/ items. The contract records the details of the vendor supplying, the buyer of the items and also mentions the terms of the trade that have been reached. A sample vendor agreement contract is given here.

Sample Vendor Agreement Contract

The contract is being entered by Valeria Silks Pvt. Ltd. the vendor hereon and Simon Clothing Pvt. Ltd., the buyer, as on the 15th day of May, 2012.

As per the statement of the contract the vendor by the name Valeria Silks Pvt. Ltd. has agreed to supply Simon Clothing Pvt. Ltd. with the placed order of raw silk types by the delivery date stated.

The delivery date: 30th May, 2012

Details of the Vendor:

Official Name: Valeria Silks Pvt. Ltd.

Authorized Official: Mr. Peter Grainer

Position: Chief Sales Manager

Contact No.: 768-768-678

Official Address: 34, Victor Street, New Jersey, USA.

Details of the Buyer:

Official Name: Simon Clothing Pvt. Ltd.

Authorized Official: Mr. Jensen Perry

Contact No.: 534-698-656

Official Address: 56, Willow Street, New Jersey, USA.

Terms and Conditions:

  1. The vendor is responsible for safe and timely delivery of the order.
  2. Any delays in the delivery i.e. any breach of the delivery deadline can be penalised by the buyer as they see fit.
  3. The partial amount (50%) of the total billed amount has been paid and the rest is due on delivery.


________________________________ (Mr. Peter Grainer)

­­_________________________________ (Mr. Jensen Perry)


Vendor Agreements 


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