A vehicle storage contract is an agreement between a storage park and a tenant whereby the tenant parks the vehicle at the designated space provided by the storage park for a period of time and with the payment of a certain amount.

Sample vehicle storage contract:

Date of signing this agreement: 10th Aug 2011

Storage dates: From- 1st Aug 2011   To: 31st Dec 2011

Tenant: Ms Sophia Kinne

For the consideration described below, ABC Park agrees to provide storage in the storage area for the tenant for the following vehicle:

Make of the vehicle: 2007 Ford Fiesta

Vehicle number: 876-435-EG4

Legal Owner: Ms Sophia Kinne

Telephone number: 8765784378

State of Registration: North Dakota

License number: 67896

Address of the tenant: 87 Square Plaza, Hudson Lane, North Dakota

Address of the storage park: 56/89 K, Skyline Lane, Building 2, Star shine Complex, Ottawa, Canada

Vehicle Storage Contract – Terms and conditions:

  • The tenant agrees the pay ABC Park a sum of $1000 per month for storage of the vehicle mentioned above.
  • Either party may terminate this agreement by giving the other party thirty days of written notice of such termination. In the event of such notice, the tenant agrees to remove the vehicle from the storage area and ABC Park agrees to refund any advance storage charges paid and applied to storage charges through the date of termination.
  • Notice of rate increase during the term of this agreement will be in accordance with the terms and conditions of any law in effect, but no rate increases will take effect before 30 days of written notice.

Acknowledgement by the parties:

Signature of the tenant: Sophia Kinne

Signature of the storage park: ABC Park

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