A vehicle service contract is that legal document which is used when a CLIENT hands over a vehicle to the SERVICE PROVIDER for servicing. This document consists of all the terms and conditions which are agreed by both parties and which ensure the safety to them.

Sample vehicle service agreement

Effective date of contract: 29’Th Jan, 2011

This contract is made and signed between the following two parties called the CLIENT and the SERVICE PROVIDER.

Details of the CLIENT

Name: Mr. Mark Raymond

Address: F-9, block G, hedge street, LA


Name: Mr. George Williams

Address: 34-K, eastern wing, Mack road, LA

Vehicle identification number: 12YU56

Vehicle name and model: Chevrolet-9 H, 2000 model

The vehicle shall be in the possession of the SERVICE PROVIDER from: 2’Th March, 2011

Duration of contract: one week for complete servicing of the car

The total cost: $200 to be paid after the servicing

The service includes all interior and exterior parts.

The following are the various terms and conditions of the contract:

  • The CLIENT agrees to handover the vehicle mentioned above to the SERVICE PROVIDER.
  • The CLIENT shall deliver the vehicle to the workstation of the SERVICE PROVIDER himself and pick it up when servicing is done.
  • The SERVICE PROVIDER shall return any object or document found in the car to the CLIENT.
  • The SERVICE PROVIDER shall not take more than the given time to service the car.
  • The CLIENT shall make the full payment on time to avoid legal implications.


Mark Raymond          George Williams

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