A Vehicle sales contract lays out terms of the sale, the vehicle type involved and modes of payment acceptable to the seller.

Sample Vehicles Sales Contract:

Vehicle sales contract number:  A- 15

Effective Date of contract:  September 01st, 2010.

1. The involved parties for this vehicle sales agreement are:

The Seller:

First Name(s): Jay

Surname: Sean

Identity /Social Security or Other number (Specify): 787-270-1233

Physical Address: 800 Lamberts Branch Road

Sunrise, FL 33320

The Buyer:

First Name(s): Stephen

Surname: Roberts

Identity / Social Security or Other number (Specify): 819-896-2307

Physical Address: 640 Quiet Valley Lane

Sepulveda, CA 91040

Both owner and the buyer choose the addresses mentioned above as their permanent addresses to allow for legal proceedings.

The object of sale is:

Type of Vehicle:


Make and Color:



1.7 EL



Registration Number:


Engine Number:


Vehicle Identification Number (VIN):



One owner

The Seller guarantees that he/she is the true owner of the above-described vehicle and that it is free of any other legal claims.


The Seller hereby warrants that no fees or penalties are pending against the vehicle are there at the date of signature of this agreement.


Seller will not be liable for any patent, defects, latent or otherwise.

The Buyer has inspected the vehicle to his/her satisfaction.

Legal Age: 29 Years

The Buyer is of legal age and competent to enter into this agreement.

Purchase Price: $24,554

The Purchase price is the sum of

(Twenty four thousand five hundred and fifty four dollars)

The Purchase price needs to be paid in full or as agreed upon by both parties (specify).


Both parties consent to the jurisdiction of the magistrate’s

Court for the district of

Sepulveda, CA

Signed at Sepulva, CA on this day of Oct 1st 2010

Seller: James Capra

1. Witness: Isabella Franklin

2. Witness: Catherine Allen

Buyer: Stephan Roberts

  1. Witness: William Edward
  2. Witness: Joe Cameron

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