A vehicle maintenance contract is a document which is drafted when an individual or an organization has to maintain the vehicle owned by another individual or an organization. These types of contracts include the details of both the parties, terms and conditions agreed between them and details of the vehicle.

Sample Vehicle Maintenance Contract

Vehicle Maintenance Contract Number: KL 5214

Date of registering the contract: 25th of February 2011

This contract is being drafted and entered into as on between Damage Wheel Repair Services referred to as the service provider with office located at:

31 Rick Bow Road,

New York, New Jersey 5214.

And Ron Scott referred to as the client with their residence address at:

Brew Set Apartment,

74 New castle Road,

New York, New Jersey 5216.

Damage Wheel Repair Services has agreed to provide repairing and maintenance service to the car of Ron Scott. The details of the car are as follows:

Model of the car: BV3

Make of the car:  Honda

Year of manufacture: 2001

Color of the car: Blue

The terms and conditions to be followed by both the parties are as follows:

  1. The responsibility of changing any damaged part of the car is that of the service provider.  The expense to change any of the parts will be borne by the client.
  2. The service maintenance fee is $ 200 per month.

In acceptance to above terms and conditions, please find the signature of both the parties below:

Signature of client:                                                    Signature of service provider:

Ron Scott                                                                               John Nash

(Manager, Damage Wheel Repair Services)

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