A vehicle lease contract is commenced between the vehicle owner and the interested person who is willing to hire the desired vehicle for some time. Such a contract is a formal document and is based on the certain legal term & conditions.

Sample Vehicle Lease Contract:

Lease agreement File Number; 67/ VH

Effective date: November 23rd, 2010

This vehicle lease contract is entered between Brown Vehicle Agency, hereinafter referred as the lessor agency AND Mr. David Paterson, hereinafter after as the lessee.

Contact details for the Lessor Agency:

Address: Office No: 2, Boson Road, Baker’s Street, Ottawa, Canada

Working Phone: 7498 739 5749

Contact details of the Lessee:

Address: House No: 4, Rainbow Colony, Toronto, Canada

Phone Number: 5894 738 6759

This agreement is commencing on November 27th, 2010 and is terminating on November 27th, 2011.

Hence, underneath mentioned are the terms and conditions in order to follow the agreement terms:

  • Responsibility of the Lessor Agency:

The lessor agency will issue a license, registration documents along with the toolkit of the vehicle to the lessee.

  • Duties of the Lessee:

The lessee will make the payment regularly in the first week of every month and receive the payment receipt for the same.

  • Payment clauses:

The Lessee will pay $ 1000 as a security deposit for hiring the vehicle, and the payment of $ 1230 will be paid as monthly rental to the lessor agency.

  • Termination:

The contract can get dissolved in case if any miss- conduct occurs between the lessor agency and the lessee.

Hereby, both the parties will accept the vehicle lease contract by signing the document:

Signature of the Lessor Agency:

Tim Spencer

Singed by the Lessee:

David Paterson

Signature of the Witness:

Eva Timberlake

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