A vehicle hiring contract is an agreement between an owner and a hirer of a vehicle where the vehicle is hired for a fixed period of time from the owner for a specified amount to be paid on a due date of every month.

Sample Vehicle hiring contract:

This agreement is made at 10.30 pm on the 10th day of August in the year 2011 between Sophia Kinne, referred to as the “owner” of the vehicle bearing number 876-09-67R with the owner residing at 56/89 K, Skyline Lane, Building 2, Star shine Complex, Ottawa, Canada and Maya Nicole, who is referred to as the “hirer” and is currently residing at 87 Square Plaza, Hudson Lane, North Dakota.

According to this vehicle hiring contract, the vehicle is hired to Maya Nicole by Sophia Kinne under the rental price of $100 per month from 01 Sep 2011 to 31 Dec 2011. This vehicle was previously bought by Sophia Kinne from BMW International on 5th Sept 2006.

Hence Maya Nicole will be henceforth termed as the hirer of the vehicle bearing number 876-09-67R for the period mentioned above.

Vehicle hiring contract – Terms and conditions:

  • The owner has agreed that if the vehicle property is transferred to the ownership of the hirer then the hirer will have the right to sell the vehicle after all the vehicle charges are cleared off.
  • The hirer has checked the vehicle’s condition and is satisfied with the same.
  • The hirer has the responsibility to take care of the vehicle and any additional charges that arise due to new issues with the vehicle cannot be claimed by the hirer.

Acknowledgement by the parties:

Signature of the owner: Sophia Kinne

Signature of the hirer: Maya Nicole

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