A vehicle contract template is used for preparing a commitment between the vehicle owner and the renter in order to fix the term & conditions, rent and duration of the contract. Such a contract is used for the lease, rent and to hire a desired vehicle.

Sample Vehicle Contract Template:

Vehicle contract number: _______________

Date: ____/____/____ [give the registration number of contract and date]

This vehicle contract is produced and entered between ________________, Address: _______, contact number: ___________ [details of the vehicle owner], hereinafter called as the vehicle owner and ___________, Address: __________, phone Number: _________ [details of the lessee], hereinafter referred as the renter.

Details of the vehicle for which the contract is commenced:

Name of the vehicle: ________________

Registration number: ________________

License number: ___________________

Give the technical specifications for trouble shooting purpose: _______________ [fill the given details]

This vehicle contract is effective from ___/____/____ and is terminating on ___/____/___ [provide the required dates]

Following term & conditions are applicable to both the parties:

Payment term:

The renter will pay $ __________ [amount in the local currency] as monthly rental to the vehicle owner, whereas $ ______ [amount] has already paid as an advance amount.

Obligation & duties:

Both the parties will follow the committed promises for this vehicle contract. The renter will pay the promised amount on _______ [date] of every month and the vehicle owner will keep the record of received payment.

Termination clause:

In case of any legal issue, the contract can get terminated and the guilty party will pay $ __________ as a settlement allowance to the alleging party.

Validation of the vehicle contract:

Singed by the vehicle owner: _______________

Singed by the renter: ______________________

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