A vehicle contract agreement is a written document which is made when a person or party gets into a contract with another person or party for a deal of a vehicle. This contract agreement could either be for the purpose of sale or purchase of a vehicle or for lease of a vehicle. Any such agreement is based upon terms and conditions which are legal in nature.

Sample Vehicle Contract Agreement:

Vehicle Contract Agreement

Download Vehicle Contract Agreement

This agreement has been made on the effective date of 3rd June 2011

This agreement has been made by and between Mr. Ben Marshall who is herein referred to as the SELLER of the vehicle and Mr. Robert Lawson who is referred to as the BUYER of the second hand vehicle.

Details of SELLER:

Address: D-3, 1st floor, Yale Estate, London

Contact number: 470937649494

Details of BUYER

Residential address: W-45, second floor, Haber’s enclave, London

Contact number: 4093749594052

Details of the vehicle:

Name: Maruti Pearl

Model number: 34-f

Colour: Red

The SELLER wishes to sell his second hand 3 year old vehicle to the BUYER.

The BUYER agrees to buy the vehicle.

Amount to be paid by the buyer: $10000

The following are the terms and conditions of the agreement:

  • The SELLER shall hand over the vehicle to the BUYER on the effective date.
  • The SELLER shall hand over all the papers of the vehicle including insurance, registration and others on receiving the full payment from the BUYER.
  • The amount incurred in the name transfer of the vehicle has to be borne by both the parties equally.

Validation of the parties:

Ben Marshall

Robert Lawson

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