A vacant land sales contract is a contract made between the vendor and the vendee of a vacant land space. This contract mentions all the details regarding the property, its price and others.

Sample Vacant Land Sales Contract:

The Agreement made on: 18’Th October, 2010 At: Greg road, house no. 3, Atlanta


The vendor:

Name: Michael Newton

Address: 13, kell villa, Atlanta

Phone: 429478209490      and

The vendee:

Name: Hensley Andrew

Address: 1-f, jip avenue, Atlanta

Phone: 474092898940

Property under discussion:

The property under discussion occupies 2000 Esq. Land area and is priced at a non negotiable price of $2400. The address of the property is 45, Polk town, Atlanta.

The land is 5 years old and was commercial land earlier.

The payment shall be done through credit card and the initial cash down amount will be $1200.

The cash down amount will be paid one week before the commencement of the contract.

Effective date: 1’st November, 2010

The balance would be paid through installments within the first week of every month.

Terms and conditions:

  • The seller shall hold and retain all the ownership rights and the title to the land until the full payment is made.
  • The buyer must take written consent of the seller before any construction over the vacant land.
  • The buyer must acquire fire insurance and insurance against loss due to any natural calamity such as earthquakes.
  • The seller will have right to inspection of property. He must send written prior notice to the buyer before doing so.


Michael Newton          Hensley Newton

(Seller)                         (Buyer)

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