A used motorcycle dealership contract is a contract formed between two parties, one of which is the seller of any used motorcycle and another is the buyer who agrees to pay an amount for the used motorcycle.

Sample Used Motorcycle Dealership Contract

Contract number: – MDC/24

Date of commencement of agreement: – 10th June 2010

This contract is signed between

ABD Company

23rd street, 1st building

Florida, United States of America


RDG Motors

2nd turn, 1st street

New York, United States of America

ABD co. (the seller) and RDG Motors (Buyer) have agreed to the following terms and conditions:-

  • ABD co. will provide all used motorcycles to RDG motors
  • RDG motors will make a 20% down payment and balance payment in the form of installments; where in each installment will be 10% of the balance payment.
  • All the cost of repaired second hand motorcycles shall be borne by the Seller
  • Motorcycles once sold further shall be maintained by the Buyer
  • All transportation charges will be borne by the Buyer.
  • Buyer is liable to receive all the earnings from the further sale of motorcycles and the seller has no right over the profits
  • Spare parts shall be provided by the Seller.


Any breach in the above said terms and conditions shall lead to termination of the contract.

Dispute Settlement:-

  • Settlement of dispute shall take place in the jurisdiction court.
  • Outside the court settlement is also accepted.

There after the contract is said to come into existence

Signature of the Seller

ABD Company

Signature of the Buyer

RDG Motors


Dealership Agreements 

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