Used cars dealership contract is a legal document which is signed between two parties where one is a supplier and the other is a buyer of used cars. This contract mentions all the details regarding used cars, payments and other terms and conditions.

Sample Used Cars Dealership Contract

Contract number: – 34/ UC

This contract is signed between

ABC Motors

34 turning point

Floral Street, Toronto, Canada


SBD Motors Corp.

25/56 Great End Street

U-turn signal


Under which both the motor companies agrees to enter into contract where ABC Motors will provide old cars to SBD motors corp. for sale to customers.

Contract commences on 24th November 2010 and is valid till 23rd November 2015 under the following terms and conditions:-

  • SBD corps. Will make the payments of car in installments. Each installment will be 10% of the total amount of the car
  • ABC motors will provide all cars in perfect working conditions and all the repairing cost of the cars will be borne by ABC corps.
  • SBD motors can return unsold cars if they are not sold till 1 year.
  • ABC motors will provide warranty card to SBD motors.

Termination of the contract

If due to any unforeseen circumstances contract gets terminated then both the parties will have to pay 50% of the amount of unsold cars.

Dispute Settlement

  • Any settlement of dispute will be done by the Jurisdiction court.
  • Out of court settlement will also be accepted

After accepting all the terms the contract is said to validate.

Signature of ABC motors


Signature of SBD Motors Corp


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