A used car purchase contract is made when an individual or a party is interested in purchasing a previously used car from another party. This contract is made between the BUYER and the SELLER. Such contracts are legal documents and consist of legally enforceable terms and conditions.

Sample used car purchase contract

This contract is made between two parties who are herein referred to as the BUYER and the SELLER.

Mr. Greg Joey is herein known as the SELLER and agrees to sell his used car to the BUYER.

Address of SELLER: b-3, third floor, HKU building, CA

Phone: 4709387359086

Mr. Mathew Reynolds is herein known as the BUYER and agrees to purchase a used car from the SELLER.

Address of BUYER: t-1, second floor, Parks avenue, CA

Phone: 4793875095900

Details of the used car:

Name: Chevrolet SUV P5.

Model number: 34#8

No. Of years of usage: 3 years

No. Of kilometres travelled: 35000

Purchase amount: $2500

The total payment shall be made two weeks prior to the possession date

Possession date: 1st March, 2011

The following are the terms and conditions of the contract:

  • The BUYER agrees to make the payment on time
  • The SELLER agrees to present the car to the BUYER in proper conditions and with the tank full of fuel.
  • The SELLER must provide all the car papers including insurance to the BUYER during the possession procedure.
  • The BUYER must not lease or sell the car to a third party without signing the required papers.


Greg Joey             Mathew Reynolds

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