A unit price construction contract is a formal document which is drafted when an owner of a site for construction wishes to get something constructed by assigning a contractor or a construction company by paying them a certain amount of money. Such contracts are based upon unit price of different materials used and final amount is estimated by calculating the number of units used.

Sample Unit Price Construction Contract

Unit Price Construction Contract

Download Unit Price Construction Contract

This contract has been made effective on the date: 7th Feb 2011

This contract has been made by and between Mr. Ben Weiss who is the OWNER of the property and Mr. Henry Lawrence who is the CONSTRUCTION COMPANY

The details of the parties are given as follows:


Address: M-23, west gate road, London

Contact number: 477038500505


Address: 2-g, second floor, Potter’s street, London

Contact number: 479797928404

Construction site details:

Address: 29-D, Marks and Spencer’s street, London

Unit price details:

Cement: $5/kg

Plaster of Paris: $10/kg

The CONSTRUCTION COMPANY is responsible for the arranging the materials required for construction with consent of the OWNER.

Total cost shall be estimated at the end of contract term

Termination date: 7th Feb 2012

Terms and conditions:

  • The CONSTRUCTION COMPANY keep records of all the materials used with bills attached.
  • Any injuries caused to the workers during construction shall not be the responsibility of the OWNER.
  • The CONSTRUCTION COMPANY must utilise all the materials in an efficient manner.
  • The OWNER must pay a certain amount of money for the materials and machinery and pay pending amount after termination of contract.


Henry Lawrence

Ben Weiss

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