A travel agency agreement contract is a contract which is made between a travel agency and a customer who agrees to use the travel agency services for a fixed period of time. Any such contract is a legal document which has certain enforceable terms and conditions which cannot be violated by both of the parties. According to these contracts, the travel agency provides its travel and tourism related services to the customer or client in return for a fixed payment. The following is a sample of a travel agency agreement contract which can be used for reference by anyone.

Sample Travel Agency Agreement Contract

This is a travel agency agreement contract which is made by and between the AGENCY and the CLIENT.

This contract comes into effect on 4th June, 2012 and shall remain into effect for 2 years.

Termination date of contract: 4th June 2014

AGENCY Details:

Agency name: Reynolds travel and agency

Owner name: Mr. Peter Timothy

Official address: 4-H, first floor, Henry tower, London

Mobile number: 49407309550

CLIENT Details:

Name: Mr. Henry Fredson

Residential address: W/56, Timothy Road, London

Mobile number: 4704898959

Details of Services Provided:

Services: flight bookings, train bookings, hotel bookings, Visa application at 10% reduced rates

Contract fees: $500 per year

Terms and Conditions:

  • The AGENCY agrees to provide its services to the CLIENT for the purpose of booking flight tickets, train tickets, hotel bookings, visa applications etc.
  • The AGENCY shall be providing a 10% discount for all the bookings to the CLIENT for the entire duration of the contract.
  • The CLIENT will have to pay $500 at the beginning of the contract period to avail the services which are mentioned above.
  • If any of the parties fail to agree to these terms, then he/she shall be held chargeable under law.

Signatures of the Parties:

Peter Timothy

Henry Fredson

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