A transition service contract is an official document drafted between two parties referred to as the buyer and the seller where the seller provides a certain kind of service for a certain period of time to the buyer.  The details mentioned in the contract include the fee charged by the seller for providing his services and the kind of service he would be providing. The purpose of proving service is usually to bring some change in the buyer.

Sample Transition Services Contract

Transition service contract number: TS 56

Effective date of contract: 4th of April 2011

This transition service contract has been drafted and entered between Lily Austen referred to as the buyer and John Stallone referred to as the seller. As per the contract the seller will be providing health training service to the seller and bring a transition in the health of the buyer.

Details of the buyer:

Residential address: 67 Universal Time Road,

New York, New Jersey 5234

Home phone number: 87345

Mobile number: 98765

E mail id: rick@gmail.com

Details of the seller:

Office address: 34 Roger Moore Street,

New York, New Jersey 5278

Office phone number: 68904

Mobile number: 93456

E mail id: sick@gmail.com

Terms and conditions:

  1. The seller will be providing his services at the residential address of the buyer.
  2. The seller will receive fees of $1000 per month.
  3. The seller has to provide his service for 5 times a week.

In agreement to above:

Signature of the seller:                                                                          Signature of the buyer:

John Stallone                                                                      Lily Austen

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