A training contract interview is published by an institution that promises to provide training for a definite period of time by bringing in expert faculty and good training materials. The contract may also involve providing job opportunities to good performing candidates during the training. The following is a sample training contract interview.

Sample training contract interview:

Date of training contract interview: 8th Jan 2009

Start date of applying for the training contract interview: 1st Jan 2009

End date of applying for the training contract interview: 5th Jan 2009

Training Contract interview details

This training contract interview dated as of 8th Dec 2009 is between Infotech Enterprises Ltd., a corporation with an address at 56/89 K, Skyline Lane, Building 2, ABC Foundation, Ottawa, Canada and candidates who wish to apply for this training. Candidates can enrol into this course and get the requisite training if they successfully get selected in the interview.

Training contract interview – Terms and Conditions:

  • The agreement is of the duration of 1 year.
  • The candidates will be trained for duration of 1 year between 1st Jan 2009 and 31st Dec 2009 after which they will be presented with job opportunities.
  • After employment confirmation, the employee’s post will be in the office of Infotech Enterprises located in Ottawa, Canada in the position of an Application Analyst.
  • The institute gives its commitment to provide expert facility to train the candidates for the duration of the training period.
  • The candidates shall comply with the provisions herein, relevant laws and regulations and comply with all the institute’s rules and regulations.

Signature of the organization: Infotech Enterprises Ltd.

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