A training contract format is the lay out in which a training contract should be drafted. A training contract is drafted when an individual or an organization agrees to provide training to another individual or an organization. These types of formats can be drafted for various different types of training contracts as per needs and requirements. The format should mention details of the trainer and the trainee along with other terms and conditions agreed between both the parties.

Sample Training Contract format

Contract Number:

Date of registering the contract:

This paragraph should mention details like the name of the trainer and the training institution where is he is going to provide his services. One also needs to mention the kind of training the trainer is going to provide.

Then we need to mention the personal details of the trainer like his residential address, contact number and email id. We also have to mention the address of the training institution where the trainer will be providing his services.

The terms and conditions to be followed by both the parties:

  1. It is very important to mention the remuneration that the trainer will be receiving and whether he would receive it on a monthly basis or per training session.
  2. The number of training sessions that the trainer needs to provide and on which days of the week should be mentioned in the contract.

Here, the statement announces that the above document has the approval of both the concerned parties

Signature of the trainer:

Signature of the person signing on behalf of training institution:

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