When you are applying for training contracts, you must ensure that there are no mistakes. You can lose your chances of getting recruited from among number of applicants, if your application contains mistakes. Using the tips for applying to training contracts, you can improve your chances of success.

Timing Should Be Right

You should apply for training contracts, within the specified time limit of respective organizations. The usual deadline set by big law firms is by the end of July or August, which is two years ahead of the beginning of training contract. Ensure that you apply before the deadline.

Identification of Career Interests

You should identify your skill set, preferences and your areas of interest. Include about your previous achievements, the size and type of the organization that you would like to work for, the kind of training that you expect from your organization and the structure of the program.

Gather Information

You need to do elaborate research, before applying for training contracts. Collect as much information as possible about your career and different organizations. Browse various recruitment websites, contact career agencies and services to obtain relevant information. This will be very helpful in making the right career choice and you will be well prepared to fill the application form.

Application Forms

When you are filling the forms, you should first look for the specified job requirements. Proceed to fill the form, only when you can meet the requirements. Try to identify what the employer wants, and demonstrate your skills effectively. For each requirement, you can quote examples from your academics, previous work experience or extracurricular activities. You should mention only the recent examples, because large time gap can mean that you might have undergone many changes.

Answering Questions

Understand the question first, to know what exactly is being asked and include all the points in your answer. Your answers should be customized according to the job requirements and the organization you are applying to.

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