A therapeutic separation contract is a legal document drafted when a married couple goes for a separation but at the same time try to work on removing the differences in their married life and improving their relationship.  The contract mentions details like the therapeutic steps the married couple will be taking.

Sample Therapeutic Separation Contract

Separation contract number: AH451

Date Of registration: 2nd April, 2010

This therapeutic separation contract has been drafted and entered between Maria Lee referred to as the wife and Mad Max Lee referred to as the husband who are into a married relationship since 12th March 2009. The couple was staying together at the following residence:

12 Kilo Weight Road

Land Mark, Los Angeles 5412.

As per the contract the couple has decided to go for a therapeutic separation from 5th April 2011.

Personal details of the husband:

Contact number: 52413521

Email id: mad@male.com

Personal details of wife:

Contact number: 52413839

Email id: maria@fmale.com

There are few terms and conditions that both the couple has to follow:

  1. Twice in a week, the couple has to sit together and meditate to shift their negative energy and bring in positive energy.
  2. The couple has a one and a half year old son. They have to ensure that their child is not affected in any way. So the child will be staying with his grand parents.
  3. The couple should go out on dinner at least once a week.
  4. The couple has to consult the therapist at least once a week.

Signature of the husband: Mad Max Lee

Signature of the wife: Maria Lee

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