A Texas association of realtors commercial contract is a contract signed by two parties in Texas being the buyer and the seller. By entering into a contract the buyer agrees to buy a property from the seller, in agreement to the terms and conditions specified in the contract. The contract will include details of financial aspects, property details, and payment modes etc.

Sample Texas Association of Realtors Commercial Contract

Buyer’s Name and Address

Thomas Kaplan

Salem Meadow Cir, Austin,

Texas, TX 78745.

Business Phone number: 817-600-9226

Seller’s Name and Address

Margie Brewer

1330 Post Oak Blvd, Suite 1600

Houston, TX, 77056.

Business Phone number: 280-446-6655

Property Details

The seller specifies the location of the property, his rights on the rental, transfer and sale of property, all the transactions, warranty and guarantee related to the property, any association of the particular property with other personal or private and public properties etc.

Payment Terms

The seller asks the buyer to pay one thousand two hundred million dollars before closing, that being the selling price of the property. The payment can be made in three installments. The mode of payment is cheque or cash. The first two installments should be made before the closure of the contract and the last one can be made 2 months after the closure date.


The seller will have to furnish the title policy to insure the buyer from any loss, damage etc. The details regarding few discrepancies involved in the property will also be mentioned. The seller and buyer decide upon the scope of the shortages.


The buyer has rights to terminate the contract for his own reasons, as per the notice specified by the seller in the contract. The refund will be given in accordance to few clauses specified by the seller.


Seller delivers the property possession to the buyer, after the completion of changes, repairs that have been taken into his scope as per the contract.

Signature of Buyer                                                                                       Signature of seller

Thomas Kaplan                                                                                             Margie Brewer

Signature of the witness

Michele Abraham.

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