A tenant lease contract is a legitimate document prepared by processing the rules & regulations in order to rent a property. Such a contract is commenced between the tenant and the property owner.

Sample Tenant Lease Contract:

Lease contract number: 34/ K

Effective date: November 29th, 2010

Hereby, Mr. Alton Smith residing at: House No. 4/ L, Spencer Colony, Toronto, Canada, hereinafter referred as the lessor And Ms. Rose Andrew, staying at: 33/ A, Wing- A Rainbow Society, Toronto, Canada, hereinafter referred as the tenant agrees to enter into a tenant lease contract.

The tenant lease contract is effective from November 30th, 2010 and is terminating on November 30th, 2011.

Following mentioned are the terms & covenants made and agreed by both the parties to survive the contract:

  • Obligations & Duties:

The tenant is receiving certain benefits from the lessor and will be responsible for taking care of the property.  In case of any damage occurs to the facilitated property, the tenant will pay for the repair.

  • Rent Clause:

The tenant is ready to pay $ 4567 as a security deposit and $ 2345 as the monthly rent to the lessor in the first week of every month.

  • Termination:

This contract can get dissolved in case of any kind of violation happened to the above mentioned terms.

Hence, both the parties are requested to accept the tenant lease contract by signing the document:

Signature of the Lessor:

Alton Smith

Signature of the Tenant:

Rose Andrew

Signature of the Witness:

Eva Robinson

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