Tenancy contracts are those contracts which are made when a party agrees to rent or lease a product or place to another party in return for a certain charge. Such contracts are legally binding which means that if any of the parties involved violates the terms of the contract, then it can be held chargeable under law of the state.

Tenancy contracts are written in such a way that the overall tone should come out as a formal one. There are certain specific terms like ‘TENANT’ and ‘OWNER’ which must be used in these types of contracts. The following few points might help you to frame a good tenancy contract:

  • The first few lines must be reserved for the personal information of the tenant and the owner.
  • The effective date of contract and the duration of the contract must be mentioned clearly.
  • The type of tenancy contract and the address of the property, in case of rental contract should be mentioned specifically giving the details.
  • The terms and conditions of the tenancy contract must take up most part of the document. This section must be written in point wise format.

The signatures of both parties must be done at the end of the contract.

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