A tenancy contract refers to the document which formalizes the arrangement between two or more parties where there is a tenant and an owner renting out his/ her property. The contract mentions the expiry of the contract along with the terms of the arrangement. It is possible that either party may wish to terminate the contract before expiry. This information may be conveyed from one party to the other by the way of a letter. Such a letter is referred to as a tenancy contract termination letter a sample of which is given below.

Sample Tenancy Contract Termination Letter


Mr. Henry Forbes(THE OWNER)

45th, William Street,

Victor Square, Johannesburg,


5th May, 2012.

Subject: Termination of the tenancy contract.

Mr. Forbes,

I William Somers(THE TENANT) would like to request you by the way of the letter to terminate the tenancy contract that was signed between us on the 15th December, 2011.

I am shifting my business operations out of Johannesburg and to another part of the county namely, Pennsylvania. Thus the office space rented on Victor Square no more serves my business purposes.

  • I prompt the termination as of 5th May 2012.
  • As specified in and required by the terms of the contract I will pay one month rent after asking for termination of contract.
  • The property will be vacated by 14th May 2012.

Kindly register this as the official request and statement of the termination proceedings for the contract.

Yours Sincerely,


Ms. Kelly Brooke


House No. 247, Benson Lane

Hens Valley, Johannesburg,


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