A tenancy contract renewal letter is a letter that a tenant writes to his landlord in order to renew the contract of the tenancy of the property that he has taken on rent from the landlord. The letter is written before the previous rental contract expires. The letter states details like the period till which the tenant wants to take the property on rent again, the amount of rent and deposit he agrees to pay.

Sample Tenancy Contract Renewal Letter


Jim Hendrix


23 Aspen High Road,

New Land, North Dakota 5289

Subject: Request for renewal of tenancy contract

Dated: 4th of July 2011

Dear Mr. Hendrix,

I would kindly request you to please renew the tenancy contract of the property owned by you where I have been staying on rent since last two years. The property is located at the following address:

33 Jack and Jill Street

West Land, Las Vegas 4589.

The tenancy contract that I had entered into will expire on 10th of July 2011, but I would like to continue staying at this location on rent. I understand that on renewal of this contract, there will be a hike in the rent amount by ten percent and I agree to pay the new hiked rental amount. I would like to renew the contract effective from 11th of July 2011 for another period of eleven months that is till 11th of June 2012.

I would request you to kindly consider the above request of mine.

Thanking you,

Roger Mark.

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