A tenancy contract letter refers to the genre of letters which are exchanged between two parties who have entered or will enter (in near future) a tenancy contract. The letter is used to convey information in relation to the tenancy contract, thus the information included in such contracts may be the acceptance of the tenancy terms or the discussion of the terms etc. A sample of the tenancy contract has been given below.

Sample Tenancy Contract Letter


Mr. John Frankel

Square Lane

34th and Mains, North Zone

Lower Seattle, Seattle

United States of America.

15th May, 2012

Subject: Signing of the tenancy contract.

Dear Mr. Frankel

I, Mathew Bowmen, the TENANT would like to form a TENANCY contract with you, the OWNER of the property located on Plot No. 58, 6th Street, Mainland, Seattle, United States of America.

Effective date of tenancy: 20th May 2012

Termination date of contract: 20th May 2013

Terms and conditions:

  • The TENANT shall be handed over the property by the OWNER on the effective date and shall only be used for commercial purpose.
  • The OWNER shall hold inspections of the property whenever he wishes to by giving prior notice one week in advance.
  • The TENANT shall be provided with electricity supply, internet connection and water supply.
  • The monthly rental shall be $ 1500 to be paid every month within the first week.

Yours Sincerely


Mr. Mathew Bowmen

Harrison and Ford Realtors

67th, 2nd Street,

Lawrence, Kansas,

United States Of America.




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