A temporary employment contract is a legal document between the employer and the employee for a provisional period. However during this tenure, the employee receives all the benefits, but this contractual document is terminated after completing the committed duration.

Sample Temporary Employment Contract

Employment Number: 123- J

Type of Contract: Temporary       Date: October 10th, 2010

This temporary contract is initiated between Hopkinson Pvt. Ltd and Ms. Susan Brown for the temporary period of six months starting on October 17th, 2010 and ending on March 17th, 2011. During this tenure, the hired employee will serve the Marketing department as Marketing Assistant.

Employee contact details:

Postal Address: 34/ C- Wings Apartment

New York, America

Phone Number: 5860 382 6895

E- Mail id: susan1@gmail.com

Hereinafter, the hired employee has to follow the given terms & conditions during the candidature:

(a)The employer is not liable to register this employee as it is a temporary contract.

(b)The employee has to obey the same job duties & responsibilities as assigned by the department.

(c) The monthly salary of the employee will be handed over as cash on 7th of each month.

(d)If the performance is found inadequate and the employee is not completing the targets it will lead to the termination of this contract.

(e)In case, if the permanent replacement of this employee resigns and this employee can deliver outstanding results, the employer can revise this contract with a stable one.

Underneath is the contract acceptance declaration to be signed by the employer and the employee.

Signature of the Employer:      Designation

Richard Watson                         General Manager

Signature of the candidate:

Susan Brown

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