A technology license contract is a contract which is made and signed between the owner of the technology and a person or party who wishes to use the technology under his name. This contract consists of various terms and conditions based upon which the contract is signed.

Sample technology license contract:

This technology license contract is made effective on the effective date 28th July 2011

This technology license contract is made by and between Mr. Greg Jobs of Pearl solutions that are herein referred to as LICENSOR and Mr. Kell White of White solutions Corp. Who is herein referred to as the LICENSEE

The following are the details of the LICENSOR

Address: 45-K, second floor, Whomington Street, LA

The following are the details of the LICENSEE

Address: 30-P, Paul building, LA

The following are the details of the technology

Name of technology: Readling computer program

This technology enables computer experts to make a copy of encrypted data in such a way that it can detect any interference and report it on given mobile numbers.

The cost of technology licensing: $40000

The amount shall be paid in a wholesome payment at the beginning of the contract term.

Terms and conditions:

  • Termination:

This contract shall terminate on 28th July 2012.

  • The Licensee realises that any leakage of information or technology details shall call for legal action taken against him and the company.
  • The Licensor agrees to grant license to the licensee along with all the documents related to its functioning.


Greg Jobs                   Kell White

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