A Technology investment contract is a contract which is made when a person or party wishes to invest in a technology which has been created by a certain company. These types of contracts are formal and consist of legally binding terms.

Sample Technology Investment contract:

Contract code: 32.Kl

Effective date of investment: 12th June, 2011

This contract is made between the following two parties:


Name: Joseph Solutions

Address: 65-West Street, Toronto, Canada

Phone: 489348395500



Name: Tim Associates headed by Tim Kellington

Address: 45-K, first floor, RF square, Toronto, Canada

Phone: 4839845985045

The INVESTOR hereby agrees to invest a certain amount of money in the new technology produced by the COMPANY which deals with the management of bills on the basis of serial numbers.

The following are the terms of the contract:

  1. The COMPANY shall provide the INVESTOR with timely details of the progress of the technology created.
  2. The INVESTOR shall not withdraw the amount invested in any scenario before the termination of the contract.

The following are the Specifications of the INVESTMENT made:

The INVESTOR has invested an amount of $20000 in the technology and shall transfer the amount on the bank account details given by the COMPANY

The following are the details of the period of the contract:

The contract shall terminate on the 12th day of December, 2011


The contract shall terminate immediately if any of the parties fails to live up to the terms of the contract.

Henceforth, both parties agree and validate the contract:

Joseph Brown (Joseph solutions)

Tim Kellington (Tim associates)

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