A technical development contract is a kind of a contract which is made between two parties-a client and a technical development service provider. In such a contract, the client hires a service provider so as to provide technical development related services in exchange for a predefined sum of money. These contracts are legally binding in nature for both the parties and consist of terms and conditions which define the obligations which are to be followed by both as long as the contract is in its effective period. The following is an example of a technical development contract.

Sample technical development contract:

This technical development contract has been made by and between the CLIENT and the SERVICE PROVIDER. The CLIENT has hired the SERVICE PROVIDER to develop new technical products and improve the existing ones.

Commencement date of contract: 12th June 2013

Termination date of contract: 12th June 2014

Details of CLIENT

Name: Mr. Fred Markson

Contact number: 47204204923

Official address: A-67, first floor, Potter’s enclave, J tower, London


Name: Mr. Peter Norway

Mobile number: 40934705503

Residential address: W-90, K Avenue, Kelly tower, London

Email address: Peternorway2013@gmail.com

Details of technical development contract:

Salary per month: $1000

Work profile: development of software programs, troubleshooting technical faults and errors, improving existing software products.

Terms and conditions:

The CLIENT agrees to use the services of the SERVICE PROVIDER for a period of one year, after which the contract can be extended if the parties are willing to do so.

The SERVICE PROVIDER must work as per the specifications of the CLIENT and is required to be present in the office on all working days.

The CLIENT must make monthly salary payments to the SERVICE PROVIDER.

The SERVICE PROVIDER cannot quit or resign before the termination of the contract.


Fred Markson

Peter Norway

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