Whenever a school or any other educational institute hires a teacher, then the authority and the hired teacher enter into a mutual agreement which is known as a teacher employment agreement contract. A teacher employment agreement contract is a formal agreement which lays down the various roles and responsibilities of both the parties and also describes the duties of the hired teacher. Such contracts generally also state the commencement date of employment, the termination date of employment as well as the length of the contract. These contracts must clearly specify the payment details which mean that the salary figure and other benefits must be laid down precisely.

A teacher employment agreement contract is a very common contract which is formed always when a teacher is hired so that there is no possibility of fraud or breach in the future course. The contract must give the various terms and conditions that must specify what the parties are expected to do under various different scenarios.   These contracts help the teachers to demand their rights in case the school fails to do so and also help the educational institute assert their rights in case the teacher breaches or violates any duty or rule.

Sample Teacher Employment Agreement Contract:

Teacher Employment Agreement Contract

Download Teacher Employment Agreement Contract


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