Teacher contract agreement refers to the legal document which is signed by an individual being appointed at a teacher position and the institution/ entity employing the teacher. The contract is a representation of the arrangement that the parties involved have reached and records all the details relevant. The contract has an expiry date and records the terms of the agreement along with the details of the parties who have made the agreement.

Sample Teacher Contract Agreement

This is a contract agreement which is being made for and is being entered between Ms. Jessica Rocker (to be referred to as the teacher) and St. Mary’s Secondary School (to be referred to as the institution) on the below mentioned date.

Date on which the contract was signed: 25th June 2013

This contract states that the teacher mentioned above is being hired by the institution to work as an arts teacher at the institution. The contract holds valid for a period of 2 years.

Date of beginning of teaching term: 1st September 2013

Date on which teaching contract term expires: 30th May 2015

Details of the institution:

Name: St. Mary’s Secondary School

Signatory: Ms. Martha James

Designation: Dean

Institution Location: 436, St. Patrick Street, Pittsburgh, USA.

Official Web Address: www.smss.edu

Contact No.: 22668979

Details of the teacher:

Name: Ms. Jessica Rocker

Contact Address: 487, Harper Saint Street, Pittsburgh, USA.

Contact No.: 321058062

Terms and Conditions:

18. The teacher will be paid the salary based on the semester term and the classes conducted.

19. The salary is to be paid in the middle of the term.

20. The teacher is to abide by all the rules, regulations and policies of the institution.

21. The institution must provide the teacher with a safe and clean working environment. They should also comply with the labour laws of the state.


_______________________ _______________________

Ms. Martha James                         Ms. Jessica Rocker

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