Whenever an organization or an individual in the talent industry hires an individual as a talent manager, a contract is entered between both the parties and this contract is known as a talent management contract.  This talent management contract is a legal document drafted which acts as a documentary evidence for the terms and conditions agreed upon by both the parties.

Artist Management Contract Template

Artist Management Contract

Performance Contract Template

Performance Contract Templat

Sample Talent Management Contract

Talent Management Contract Number: TM 4567

Effective date of contract: 23rd November 2011

This talent management contract has been drafted and into between Talent Creations referred to as the employer and Jane Austen referred to as the employee. As per the contract Talent Creations is hiring Jane Austen in he position of a talent manager to manage the careers of all the artists in contract with Talent Creations.

Details of the employee:

Address: 45 C\ Low High Road

Miami, Florida 5645.

Residential Phone Number: 456908

Details of the employer:

Principal Office Address: 56 Mountain Area Road

Miami, Florida 5667.

Phone Number: 45890

Fax number: 678905

The terms and conditions agreed upon by both the parties include:

  1. The talent manager has to look for prospective clients for the employer so that the talent of the artistes is highlighted. He also has to create a pool of talent for the employer by screening new artistes.
  2. The talent manger is entitled to a monthly salary of $3000 till the contract expiry date which is 10th of December 2013.

Signature of the employee:                                                Signature of the employer:

Jane Austen                                                                  Henry Cooper

(Creative Director, Talent Creations)

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