A Subway franchise contract is a legal document drafted whenever an individual wants to open a franchise of the Subway group. Subway is a famous brand with chain of fast food joints serving submarine sandwiches. As per the contract the franchise holder has to follow the norms set in all Subway outlets.

Sample Subway Franchise Contract

Subway Franchise contract number: SUB 34

Contract effective date: 10th of November 2011

This Subway Franchise contract has been drafted and entered into between Roger Moore referred to as the franchisee with his office located at:

34 Rain Maker Road,

New York, New Jersey.

And Subway referred to as the franchisor.

As per the contract the franchisee has to open a Subway outlet at the below mentioned address:

21 Hyde Park,

New York, New Jersey.

Both the parties have to agree to the following terms and conditions:

a)   The franchisee has to incur a total franchise fee of $15000. In addition to that he has to pay a royalty fee which is 8% of the franchisee fee.

b)   The term of the contract is for a period of twenty years. The contract is renewable after the term.

c)   The amount of liquid cash available with the franchisee should be a minimum amount of $80000.

d)   The startup cost will be incurred completely by the franchisee.

e)   Both the franchisee and the franchisor will incur the equipment cost equally.

f)    The franchise should have a minimum of six staff at the outlet.

In agreement to the above terms and conditions:

Signature of the franchisee:

Roger Moore

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