Subcontractor contract agreement is the legal document by the way of which one contractor hires another contractor (thus a subcontractor) to undertake a part of the main contractor’s work. The document is essential to records the details of contractors, the details of the subcontract work, the fees and other terms etc. A situation of subcontracting arises generally when the main contractor has already entered an independent/ prime contractor agreement with another party.

Sample Subcontractor Contract Agreement

Date of signing of contract: 13th July 2013

The subcontractor contract agreement is being made for and being entered in by Mr. Jason Spector (to be referred to as the contractor hereon) and Mr. Jonathan Hardman (to be referred to as the subcontractor hereon) with effect on the above mentioned date of signing.

As per the agreement statement the contractor has hired the subcontractor to carry on a portion of contracting work at the location mentioned in the contract. The subcontractor is bound to complete the assigned work within the below mentioned deadline.

Deadline of finishing the work: 15th August 2013

Details of the contractor:

Name: Mr. Jason Spector

Address: 13, River Cross Street, Madison Haney Building, Brooklyn, New York, USA.

Email Address:

Contact No.: 39587397

Details of the subcontractor:

Name: Mr. Jonathan Hardman

Contact Address: 487, Rene Lane, Brooklyn, New York, USA.

Email Address:

Contact No.: 87249836

Location of the site: 236, Parson Street, Mackey Molar Towers, New York, USA.

Terms and Conditions:

15. The contractor is required to make 30% of the payment on contract signing, 30% after completion of ¾ of the work and rest on the final completion.

16. The subcontractor must work in keeping with the specifications of the contractor. Any flaws and expenses thereof are to be borne by the subcontractor.

17. Both the parties must adhere to the state labour laws, and other rules and regulations.


_______________________ _______________________

Mr. Jason Spector                          Mr. Jonathan Hardman


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