A sub dealership contract is a contract which if formed when a dealer handles over dealership of a particular commodity to another dealer on the basis of certain terms and conditions mutually agreed upon by both the parties. Such a contract is legally binding in nature and can lead to actions taken against the party who violates the contract.

Sample sub dealership contract:

This contract has been made on 12th august 2011 and comes into effect on the effective date 15th August 2011.

This contract has been formed between

Mr. Fredrick Hendrix of Hendrix Cosmetics who is herein referred to as the DEALER, the official address being 67-p, first floor, Main queen’s road, London


Mr. Paul Jobs of Paul Stores who is herein referred to as the SUB DEALER, the official address being F-56, Tim square mall, London

This contract has been made in connection with the dealership of cosmetic products produced by the COMPANY Womenera who handled the dealership of their products to the DEALER whereas the DEALER is handling the sub dealership to the SUB DEALER.

Total cost of sub dealership: $50000

Duration of sub dealership: 12 months

The following are the terms and conditions of the contract:

  • DEALER has to inform COMPANY of handling of sub dealership as well as the profits earned.
  • The SUB DEALER cannot hand over the dealership of products of COMPANY to any other party without permission of DEALER.

Termination date of sub dealership: 15th August 2012

Both the parties hereby agree to the terms of the contract as follows:

Fredrick Hendrix

Paul Jobs

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