A student confidentiality contract is a formal document which is formed between a student and an educational institution of other institute so as to ensure the student’s confidentiality. Such contracts are formed in those cases when a student takes admission into an institute and wants his/her details to be kept confidential.

A student confidentiality contract consists of legally binding terms and conditions which are obligatory for both the parties to follow. Given below is a sample of a student confidentiality contract that can be used for referential purpose by anyone.

Sample Student Confidentiality Contract:

Effective date of contract: 12th Aug 2012

Termination date of contract: 12th Aug 2015

Effective period: 3 years

This student confidentiality contract is being made so as to ensure the confidentiality of the details of the student named ‘Peter Samuels’. The details of both parties involved are given as follows.


Name: Peter Samuels

Age: 17 years

Date of birth: 1st Jan 1995

Residential address: A-89, first floor, Jacob building, K Street, London

Contact number: 43879473509


Name: St. Judes College, London

Address: S-89, pacific street, London

Contact number: 4893463055

This contract has been made to protect the students from any kind of harm from other students in the form of wrong usage of information.

The terms and conditions of the parties are given as follows:

  • The COLLEGE agrees to keep all the information related to the student undisclosed and confidential. Only members on the college administration would be able to see the details. The details include: the student’s birth year, student’s admission date, blood group, contact number, residential address, and previous educational details.
  • The STUDENT cannot ask the COLLEGE to disclose the information to anyone but the registered guardian or parent.
  • The COLLEGE shall be tried under the court of law if any information is disclosed to any third party or person.


Peter Samuels

Jack Earnest (college principal)

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