A strategic partnership contract is an official as well as a legal document drafted when two individuals or organizations enter into a partnership for making development in their business. The contract contains details like the name of both the parties entering into partnership and also gives clarity of the terms and conditions that both the parties have to adhere to.

Sample Strategic Partnership Contract

Strategic Partnership Contract Number: SP 3456

Effective date of contract: 10th of December 2011

This strategic partnership contract has been drafted and entered into between Nut & Bolts Inc. referred to as the manufacturer and All Distributors referred to as the distributor. As per the contract the distributor will distribute the goods manufactured by the manufacturer.

Details of the distributor:

Address: 78 Yankee Road,

New York, New Jersey 5678.

Telephone number: 89076

Fax number: 34567

Details of the manufacturer:

Address: 38 Hilly Road,

New York, New Jersey 5645.

Telephone number: 89079

Fax number: 34523

Terms and conditions:

  1. Services: The distributor will have to sell the products of the manufacturer to the wholesaler.
  2. Remuneration: The distributor will get a commission of fifty percent on the products sold. But, before the contract is effective the distributor has to pay distribution fees of $25000 to the manufacturer or else the contract will be cancelled.
  3. The distributor assures that he will not distribute the product of any competitors.
  4. The contract is valid for a period of 2 years.

Signature of the distributor:                                         Signature of the manufacturer:

John Smith                                                           Noel Jones

(MD, All Distributors)                                                   (MD, Nut & Bolts Inc)

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