The standardized export sales contract is a legal agreement made between two parties, one whom is the buyer while the other party is the seller. This contract contains information of both buyer and seller, the commodity being sold, quality of products, payment, shipment time and more.

Sample standardized export sales contract

Contract number: EXP/156/123/2011

Effective Date of contact:  November 23rd, 2011.

This contract is an official agreement containing terms and conditions that will facilitate the buyer to buy commodities from the seller.

Whereas the Seller is located at

Lilikoi Exports

Address: 2270 Kalakaua Avenue, Suite 801

Honolulu, HI 96815

Phone: (808) 464-2924

Whereas the Buyer is located at

Algarve Expo

Address: Apartado 3340 Almancil

Algarve – Portugal

Phone: +00351 919 716 857

Following terms and conditions are important aspect of the standardized export sales contract and need to be followed:

  • Quality of products:

The seller “Lilikoi Exports” should ensure that the consignment of Macadamia Nut and Passion Fruit remain fresh in transit and are in conformance with the standards of FDA or other regulations in Hawaii. The expiry date of Macadamia Nut should not be earlier than 25 Feb 2012 and those of Passion Fruit should not be earlier than 02 Jan 2012. The seller will be responsible for the quality of the above mentioned products prior to the expiry date.

  • Shipment:

The seller “Lilikoi Exports” will divide the total consignments ordered in two shipments. The first shipment consisting of Passion Fruit should be dispatched no later than 10 days after signing the contract and the second shipment consisting of Macadamia Nuts should be dispatched no later than 25 days from the date of first shipment.

  • Payment:

The buyer “Algarve Expo” will make advance payment of Dollar One Hundred and Twenty Five Thousand ($125,000) in advance and the check should be sent to “First Hawaiian Bank” by the 30th November 2011. The second payment of Dollar One Hundred and Sixty Thousand ($160,000) should be made immediately on receipt of the first consignment.

Both the parties are requested to validate the contract:

Signature on behalf of the Seller:

Serena Karnagy / Lilikoi Exports

Signature on behalf of the Buyer:

Sónia Matias / Algarve Expo

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