A standard vendor contract is the term used to refer to vendor contract which is generally used to formalize a deal between a vendor and a buyer (of services or commodities). The contract must contain the date of the contract signing, the details of the vendor and the buyer signing the contract and the terms. A sample of a standard vendor contract is being given below.

Sample Standard Vendor Contract

Date of signing: 15th May, 2012.

The contract has been prepared to be entered by Master Caterers Pvt. Ltd., the vendor hereon and Clayton Events, the buyer (of service), as on the above mentioned date.

This contract states that Clayton Events have rendered the services of the vendor by the name Master Caterers Pvt. Ltd. for the catering arrangements of an event.

Date of the event: 28th May, 2012.

Location of the event: 435, Lexis Holiday Inn, Willow Creek, Wisconsin, USA.

Details of the Vendor:

Official Name: Master Caterers Pvt. Ltd.

Authorized Official: Mr. Victor Malory

Position: General Manager

Contact No.: 581-687-568

Official Address: 54, St. James Square, Pennsylvania, USA.

Details of the Buyer:

Official Name: Clayton Events

Authorized Official: Mr. Dixon Walker

Contact No.: 534-698-656

Official Address: 498, 2nd Street, Pennsylvania, USA.

Terms and Conditions:

  1. The caterers are required to make arrangements for 300 guests.
  2. The menu will be as discussed with the caterers.
  3. The payment will be made after the buyer is satisfied by the service at the event, no advance payments made.


________________________________ (Mr. Peter Grainer)

­­_________________________________ (Mr. Dixon Walker)

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