A Standard partnership contract acts as a basic ideal partnership contract based on the legitimate covenants, official conditions and standard payment clauses. This contact is commenced between the two interested parties for entering into a partnership business.

Sample Standard Partnership Contract:

Partnership Contract number: 45/ PC

Date: December 26th, 2010

The standard partnership contract is produced and entered between Marcos Sales Companies Pvt. Ltd, Address: Office no: 6, Arcade Plaza, Bakers Road, New South Wales, Australia, hereinafter referred as business partner 1.


Rainbow Sales Companies Pvt. Ltd, Permanent location: Office No: 9, 4th floor, Sun Rise Building, Spencer road,  New South Wales, Australia, hereinafter called as the business partner 2. Together referred as “both the partners”

Business partner 2 is interested in investing monetary values in sales business with business partner 1 and has agreed to all the partnership clauses, whereas the business partner 1 has clearly understood and accepted the business intension of the business partner 2.

This contract is commencing from December 28th, 2010 and is terminating on December 28th, 2011.

Terms & covenants for both the partners:

Payment Terms:

Both the partners will invest the money and will divide the business benefits equally.

Rights & withdrawal:

Both the partner will take the legitimate and official decisions together such as inventory, accounts, maintenance of the business, management and finance, etc. After completing the above mentioned time limit, any of the partners can terminate the partnership contract.


The clause can be considered in case if any issue of serious nature is encountered or any partner decides to terminate the contract.

Validation of the contract:

Signed by the business partner1:

Laura Turner

Signed by the business partner 2:

Rose Timberlake

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