A lease agreement is an agreement made between the owner or landlord of a property and the tenant or lessee of a property. These agreements are made to permit the lessee to use the landlord’s property for a certain defined period of time in return for the lease payment.

These agreements can be of many types but the standard or regular version of it can be termed as a standard lease agreement contract. A standard lease agreement contract is a contract formed between a lessor and a lessee to discuss the lease terms and clauses.

A standard lease agreement contract must define who the lessee and the lessor are and give their contact details including addresses and contact numbers. The document must then give the details of the property that has been leased or the product/item/good which has been leased.

One must also always indicate the starting and ending day of the lease which in legal terms are known as the commencement date of contract and the termination date of contract. All the clauses and rules of the contract must come under the terms and conditions heading. The terms must indicate the code of conduct for both parties during the length of the contract.

Sample Standard Lease Agreement Contract:


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