A standard franchise contract is a legal document which is similar to any normal franchise contract and drafted as per the terms and conditions accepted by both the parties entering into the contract. The other details mentioned in the contract include the name of the franchise holder as well the franchisor along with the location address of the franchise.

Sample Standard Franchise Contract

Franchise Contract Number:  B 12

Effective Date of contract:  November 12th, 2011.

This franchise contract has been drafted as per the Franchise Act of the state of Florida between Henry Cooper referred to as the franchisee and Sub Donald referred to as the franchisor.

As per the contract the franchisee will be a franchise holder of the Sub Donald group of eating joints at the below mentioned address:

Shop no. 3, Food court, Infinity Mall

34 Roger Lane

New York, New Jersey.

The franchise holder agrees to follow the below mentioned conditions laid out by the franchisor:

  1. The price of all the food served will be at par with all the franchise of the franchisor. The franchise holder cannot increase the price for his own profit. If he is found doing so, his license will be cancelled.
  2. The franchise should be located within city limits, not in any highway or outskirts.
  3. The franchisor can cancel the license of the franchisee at any point of time during the contract period.

In agreement to the above mentioned terms and conditions, find the signature of the franchise holder mentioned below:

Signature of franchise holder:

Henry Cooper.

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